Þorsmörk nature reserve

Þorsmörk - Iceland


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Þorsmörk - wide valley named after Thor
The Viking God of Thunder.

Þorsmörk nature reserve - a nature pearl on the south coast of Iceland

Þorsmörk (Forest of Thor) on the river Jökulsá is green oasis in the mountains. It grows here almost the genuine, therefore, rather grove because little birch are only slightly higher than man. Þorsmörk is favorite weekend place of Icelander leads here even a regular bus from the capital city Reykjvík and there is a built tourist cottage Básar. Þorsmörk is accessible only by road for offroad cars or buses, because the path overcomes high quantity crossing ford, some of them are quite deep.

Basár hut
In the vicinity of Basár hut is a great camp and several tourist bungalows.

Green oasis Þorsmörk
Green oasis Þorsmörk a broad trough glacier river Jökulsá

Þorsmörk down
Þorsmörk down in the centre of the Basár hut

surrounding rock formations
Þorsmörk - surrounding rock formations, peaks

Road near Basár hut
Road near Basár hut, Þorsmörk

Glacier river Jökulsá
Route wide valley glacier river Jökulsá

river Jökulsá
A broad trough river Jökulsá

Road to the Centre Þorsmörk
The "road" to the Centre Þorsmörk is especially on weekends very busy.

tourist cottages Básar
From the tourist cottages Básar lead into the environment, many marked trails.