Þingvellir - Alþing

Þingvellir - Alþing
Þingvellir - Alþing

Þingvellir - Alþing

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Þingvellir - Alþing

Þingvellir nature reserve is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country. Each year, this historically
very important areas visited by thousands of visitors. Þingvellir plateau (Congress plains) is famous
especially the fact that there in the years 930-1800 meet Icelandic Parliament Alþing (the first World Parliament).

Þingvellir plateau
Þingvellir plateau (Congress plains) with the church Þingvallakirkja.

The church Þingvallakirkja
The church Þingvallakirkja - one of the oldest in Iceland

Þingvellir has been a nature reserve for almost eighty years and is Iceland's oldest nature reserve. The reserve is under the managment of the Parliament Þingvellir Commitee. In summer 2004 Þingvellir vas registered on the Unesco World Heritage List it is the first place in Iceland to be featured on the list, with features only the rarest pearl of nature.

Congress plains, River Öxará

Lake Þingvallavatn
Lake Þingvallavatn

Rock Acts - acoustically unique place
Rock Acts
NewsReaders laws stood back to the Assembly and its message out loud cried against a stone wall.
The rest are in this acoustically unique place to ensure strong echoes.

Tectonic fault cleft Almannagjá
Tectonic fault cleft Almannagjá with Öxará river, which according to legend here has been
preserved and stop artificially drained. Was so small waterfall Öxarárfoss.

Almannagjá gorge
Almannagjá gorge extends the length of several kilometers.

Almannagjá gorge - tekotnic rift
Almannagjá gorge - tekotnic rift
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