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The church in the diocese SkŠlholt

SkŠlholt was after more than seven centuries seat of the bishop and an important spiritual center of Iceland. At the end of
XVIII. century bishop's seat was moved to RejkjavŪk and now is the only court with the Church.

diocese Skalholt
Info on the history of settlement and the original form diocese Skalholt

The diocese stands on a slight SkŠlholt were in the vicinity of the lake. The first church was built in this place
not long after the adoption of Christianity and became a way for a long time the main centre of the church and education.
SkŠlholt was continuously inhabited more than 1000 years and today there are ongoing intensive archaeological dig.

Church of the diocese Skalholt
Tourists very popular and visited the Church of the diocese Skalholt.

Painting and equipment
Painting and equipment in church.

Surrounding buildings
Surrounding buildings diocese SkŠlholt.