The weather in Iceland

The climate in Iceland is the ocean, slightly cold, but with regard to the location of the island just below the northern ring much warmer than expected. This is due to the fact that there encounter polar and tropical winds, and two different sea currents, the northern branch Golf currents and cold stream of eastern Iceland. In July, when the average maximum temperature around 15 degrees Celsius and the minimum 9 degrees. In January, which is the coldest average temperature is a degree of max.2 min. minus 2 degrees. Summer is in Iceland and significantly colder than in Central Europe and vice versa milder winters and windier. The weather is extremely variable. During several of the rain, the sun shine, be calm, or vát violent winds. Unusual is also snow vánice in any time of the year. For the nice weather, as we do not perceive Icelanders verbal expression but also for snow or rain are at least ten terms. Iceland weather certainly has its charm, but it is necessary to learn to live with him.

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