Vacation in Iceland

If you decide to vacation in Iceland with the problems that do not belong among the cheapest destinations, on the contrary. Although in recent years significantly decreased rate of the Icelandic kroner to the euro prices of some services and food you get literally at the knee. The hard alcohol, you can only seem to have a beer in cans can buy a drink but it is not so much. Imports own food is very limited and customs officers to strictly check!

Recreational and mainly cognitive vacation to Iceland with us ensures several travel agencies.

CK PERISCOPE - Travel agency aimed at the Scandinavian countries with almost patnáctiletou tradition which offers a large selection of epistemology tours and provides accommodation and ferries for individual routes.

CK POZNÁNÍ - travel agency with branches in Prague and Brno which offers "Iceland - the way Vikings' which is a classic circuit around the island, which lasts eight days and is long over 2000 km.

CK ADVENTURA - offers a classic addition to tours also expedition into the interior of "DAKAR" Tatra.

CK FIROTOUR - offers sight-seeing "tour Grand Iceland with John Burianem" and "The best corners of Iceland with John Burianem."

South coast of Iceland, black volcanic beach and rock formations in the town of Vik.

Observation papuchalk the south of Cape Dyrhólaey.

Cestování po Islandu
Travelling in Iceland is many crossings glacier rivers.

The most active geyser at islandu - Strokur just before start.

Storihver - walk through the valley of geothermal springs and fumarol Storihver.

Procházka po ledovci
A walk on the Glacier with a local guide.

Residence diocese in the village Skálholt.